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  Engaged? Congrats!  

Are you absolutely engaged? We're not talking about that ring on your finger, we're talking about your wedding plans! Are you absolutely engaged in the planning process? 


ab-solute-ly, adverb

-without exception

-completely, wholly, entirely


en-gaged, adjective

-busy or occupied, involved

-pledged to be married

If you're busy planning your own wedding, or even thinking about planning your own wedding, then you're absolutely engaged! Not just engaged to be married, but engaged to the planning process. Let's be honest, planning a wedding takes up a lot of your time. Checklists, timelines, inspiration boards, seating charts, guest lists, budgets, linen samples, meal choices, cake flavors..... How do you even know where to start? How do you know you didn't miss something? Chances are, this is your first time doing all of this, and that's where Absolutely Engaged comes in. It's thoughtful, online planning help for the bride-to-be.

A.E. is a virtual wedding planning guide and includes live Q+A sessions!

"Absolutely Engaged saved me so much time. I loved how easy it was to just download the guide and open it up. All of the tools were there for me, I just had to fill in the blanks."




Hey there! We are Nora + Lorinda, Maryland-based wedding planners + best friends. We've known each other since we were six and Lorinda showed up on Nora's doorstep in her jelly sandals. Since that day in history, we've been creating an ever-growing list of hilarious memories, traveling the world, singing Taylor Swift with the windows rolled down and planning parties. That love of party planning quickly turned into a love of wedding planning that we like to call NoLo Weddings + Events!


After 10 years of creating checklists and tools, and planning not just our clients weddings, but our own weddings, we decided that there just wasn't enough simple guidance out there for brides who can't afford planners. We created AE with that in mind-- To give brides useful resources to plan their best day ever.


- A wedding planner isn't in your budget

- You want to plan your own wedding but are        looking for interactive, thoughtful guidance

- You don't know where to start

- You're recently engaged

- You want to plan the majority of your wedding    in your pajamas, drinking wine

- You enjoy building community and interacting    with other brides-to-be

- You want to enjoy the wedding planning              process

The Absolutely Engaged Planning Guide is a set of online tools and resources designed by experienced wedding planners. It's available for purchase and takes you through the entire wedding planning process, step-by-step. 

It doesn't replace a full planner by any means. After all, you still have to do the work! But we recognize that hiring a full-time wedding planner is expensive and it just doesn't fit into the budget for every bride. Absolutely Engaged is designed with those brides in mind. Just because you're doing the planning yourself, doesn't mean you know where to start, or what should be on your to-do list each and every month. And it also doesn't mean you want to do it alone! This guide is designed to educate brides-to-be and provide thoughtful guidance and resources, all while creating community and having fun. Because what's the point in planning your wedding if it isn't fun?!

Online Course

  What It Includes  

6 E-Books


You'll have access to 6 e-books, each for a different part of the planning process. The books will guide you through exactly what you need to be doing, as well as provide helpful tips and relevant links.

7 Checklists


The e-books will each contain a checklist for the planning session. The checklists are very similar to what we use for our own wedding planning clients, with a few adjustments since you are doing the majority of the planning yourself!

7 Interactive Tools


Some e-books will contain references to relevant tools for that session. Most tools come in the form of formatted Excel documents and include instructions for use. Tools include a budget calculator and guest list manager.

10 Exclusive Webinars


You'll receive 10 exclusive webinars from different speakers that will provide education in their vendor category. Webinars are pre-recorded so that you have access to them at the time that's convenient for you.

Live Q+A Sessions


Brides who purchase the wedding planning guide will have access to our "Girls' Night In" series-- Live Q+A sessions in our private Facebook group. 



You'll have access to a private Facebook group that serves as our Absolutely Engaged community! The group will provide a platform to chat with other brides (and us!). We stop in and answer questions on a normal basis!

  Who You'll Hear From  

Nora + Lorinda

NoLo Weddings + Events

Maude + Tiffany

Charm City Cakes

Josh Goldman

DJ G Events

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Katie Durski

Ribbon & Ink

Matt Gold

Zeffert & Gold Catering

Ethan Wise

Wise Films

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Hannah Giddings

Hannah Lane Photography

Jayme + Ainara

Something Blue Beauty

Toni Clements

Maryland Bay Blossoms

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You'll also receive written content in the e-books from the following wedding professionals...

Emily Cook

Officiant - Emily Cook Therapy

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Joe Rosensweet

Thoroughbred Transportation

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Anna Harris

Hill Chamber Music

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...and tips and advice from a panel of previous brides!


Raise your hand if you've looked into the cost of a wedding planner. What was the average price? $4000.00? $6000.00? $8000.00? The truth is, the price of a wedding planner depends on so many factors. Their location, their experience, their level of service.... But hiring a full-time planner definitely isn't cheap. The A.E. planning guide is only $59.00.


For simple, thoughtful wedding planning guidance.

Checklists. E-books. Webinars. Q+A sessions. Interactive tools. Access to the private Facebook Group. It's all included!


We'd love to answer any questions that you have!

Thank you for reaching out! We look forward to chatting with you!

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