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You've got questions, we've got you covered!

Why would I pay for Absolutely Engaged when there are plenty of free online planning tools?

That’s a great question! Trust us, we’re all about free resources and use some of them ourselves. As a matter of fact, we reference and provide links to some free resources in our e-books! But what you don’t get with those free wedding planning websites is a face-to-face interaction with someone. You get that with A.E! Access to 2 wedding planners and the ability to ask specific questions about your wedding, whether it be via our Facebook group or the live Q+A sessions. You’re not going to get personalized advice from those free sites!



How do I access the e-books and other content?

You’ll have access to the content immediately for download to your computer. You will also receive an email with a download link that is valid for 30 days. The content will be downloaded as a .zip file that contains all of the ebooks and interactive and printable tools. The interactive tools are Word and Excel files.



How does A.E. compare to hiring a full-time wedding planner?

It’s definitely not the same as hiring a full-time planner because you have to do the actual work yourself, as opposed to a wedding planner presenting you with options, reaching out to vendors, etc. BUT! You are still getting the advice and resources that we use with our full-time brides AND you can ask us questions about your wedding like you could if you hired a planner.



Does it make since to purchase A.E. if I am hiring a wedding planner?

Well that depends. Are you hiring a full-time planner? Then, no. But if you are only hiring someone for month-of or day-of coordination, it makes perfect sense! You’re still doing the planning yourself, even though someone will be there on the day of your wedding, and that’s where A.E. can help!

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